Gossip Girl Recap: The 5 OMFG Moments From Last Night’s Premiere Ep

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Welcome to sunny L.A., Upper East Siders! Gossip Girl took us away from NYC for a bit on last night’s premiere, and not gonna lie, the ep was pretty uneventful until like, the last five minutes. But “Yes, Then Zero” spilled on who’s preggers, plus shattered our Bluck hearts…although maybe not forever. We hope.

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1. Dan is in love with Blair, but still can’t get away from his “Lonely Boy” status. Oh, Dan. You will forever be known as “Lonely Boy” ’cause you can’t seem to ever really keep the girl, can you? Blair goes to see Dan cause she thinks Louis has completely ditched her and for a split second it seems as though Dair would be a possibility. But once Blair sees that Dan had lied about knowing where Louis was, her tune changes and she heads off into the sunset with her prince.

2. Chuck is going through some sort of crisis, although he refuses to admit it. Okay, so who else thinks this new daredevil yet “happy” mood Chuck is in has a whole lot to do with Blair? He’s riding motorcycles (which he nearly kills himself riding) and saying “yes” to anything that will get his adrenaline pumping. And after he sees Blair’s “Save the Date,” his mood only seems to get worse.

3. Dorota is pregnant. But oh wait…so is Blair! We have to say, we were super disappointed when we first heard Dorota say she was the one expecting. How boring! But later on we find out Blair is preggers, too! Could it be that Dorota was just saying she’s expecting baby #2 to get the heat off Blair? And if Blair is pregnant….who’s the daddy?

4. Nate and his love for cougars strikes again. We don’t get it. Nate’s got this thing for really old (hot) chicks. He ends up hooking up with this new character at an LA party that Serena takes him to. And in true Nate style, he doesn’t even find out her name until after doing the deed. We’re not even sure who this woman is yet, but something tells us her intentions are not so good.

5. Serena lands a job in L.A. even after being played for a fool, yet again! So basically, Serena gets tricked into buying some pot for one of the actors from the movie she’s been working on set for. Lucky for her, instead of getting in trouble, she lands a super cool job which she probably doesn’t even deserve need. Yay! Anywho, could this mean Serena is leaving the UES for good?!