Gossip Girl Preview: And the Pregnant Upper East Sider is…

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It’s almost time, Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl is finally back tonight and we could not be more excited! Are we the only ones that felt like this took forevs?! Anyways, we’re sure you remember that at the end of last season’s finale, there was a pregnancy test in the trash can.

On tonight’s season 5 premiere “Yes, Then Zero,” we think we might just find out who’s preggers, but before we watch, we’ve got a few of our own guesses…

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1. Blair: Our darling little wannabe princess is probs one of the most obvious choices to have a baby. Why? She was with Dan, Chuck and Prince Louis all in one season! If it is Blair, let’s just say we’re hoping Chuck’s the daddy. Bluck babies FTW!

2. Serena: Oh, Serena. She’s basically slept with just about everyone in all of Manhattan. Our guesses on who the daddy would be in this scenario? Uh –cue in the crickets — we’re stumped. The possibilities are endless.

3. Charlie: Or should we be calling her Ivy at this point? Either way, this con artist is definitely a contender. She’s the only other person who could have been at Serena and Blair’s since she was pretending to be Serena’s cousin, and since there’s not much we really know about her, her pregnancy could be just one of the many things she’d hiding.

Watch this preview from tonight’s ep and tell us who you think is the owner of that pregnancy test!

Which Upper East Sider do you think is preggers? Sound off with your predictions in the comments, and make sure to watch the new ep tonight at 8pm on The CW!

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