Five Things We’re Hoping For In Gossip Girl Season 5, Like a Bluck Reunion, Obvs

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We’re just about done obsessing over Gossip Girl‘s season finale, but now we can’t stop thinking about all the schemes and takedowns that are sure to transpire come season five. Will Georgina and “Charlie” be teaming up? Will everyone find out who she really is? Who’s pregnancy test was that? There’s just so much! And there’s a ton that we’d love to see happen.

Click on to read the 5 things we’re hoping will go down in season 5!

1. Charlie and Georgina team up. Okay, so hear us out on this one. We’re not hoping Georgina will start wreaking any havoc (again) on S or B. But we are hoping that she fakely befriends Charlie aka Ivy to help S bring her down. Cause yeah, we all know she’s not going to be S or B’s next BFF.
2. Blair leaves the Prince, and goes back to her rightful place with Chuck. Yes, we know Prince Louis is sweet and a gentleman and obvs a Prince, but we can’t get over the idea of her spending the rest of her life with him. Chuck is totes a better match for her: He gets her, she gets him and they should just be together. Period.
3. Dan’s book becomes a major bestseller or something like that. While we totally disagree with Vanessa going through Dan’s private things, we’re hoping that there’s a great outcome from her snooping sesh. She may have gone behind his back, but this could turn into the opportunity of a lifetime for Dan… as long as V actually sends him the money.
4. Lily finds out her sister scammed her family. While Carol had Lily thinking she’s got a crazy daughter off her meds, she was really busy stealing from their mom, CeCe… but what was her motive and where’s the real Charlie? Is there even a Charlie? Cause clearly for there to be a trust fund, there has to be an actual child, right? So we’d love to see Lily take Carol down for this one. And with her ex-con status, she just got a whole lot tougher. Bring on the family dramz.
5. More Nate time! So season 4 seemed like it lacked more Nate than usual. He was around every now and then with Raina and Chuck, but his storyline was, like, non-existent. We’re hoping we get a lot more of him next season with a super juicy plot that keeps us on the edge of our seats. A long-lost family member who stirs up trouble for him perhaps?

What are you hoping will happen next season? Are you rooting for any of our 5 predictions? Sound off in the comments!