From Our BFFS: Is Season 5 Going To Be Gossip Girl’s Last Season?!

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With Blair pregnant and all, we’re wondering, could this mean the end of Gossip Girl forever? Survey says…[Wetpaint]

Forget Romeo and Juliet. Pretty Little Liars‘s Ezra and Aria and these other super cute TV couples make Shakespeare look so lame. [Seventeen]

And in real-life couple news, Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are finally officially dunzo! Guess it was nice while it lasted. [Hollywire]

Did you love Victoria Justice‘s “All I Want is Everything” vid?! Well, here’s your chance to go behind-the-scenes for the making of the vid with Victoria and the rest of the Victorious cast! [JSYK]

Speaking of Victoria Justice and her awesome vocal skills, youneed to check out her latest track for the Footloose soundtrack. Thoughts?! [M]

Okay, so we think Rihanna might be in denial. Ms. RiRi recently told British VOGUE that she’s NOT (and apparently doesn’t wanna be) a role model. Uh, you might wanna reconsider your career then, girlie! [Popdust]

And we guess Rihanna‘s got a lot more left to say. She’s revealed the title for her new album and it has a lot to do with knowing how to Talk That Talk…[Just Jared]

Rachel, uh, we mean Lea Michele is surprisingly average….at least when it comes to her beauty routine. [Posh24]

Is Kanye West dating a model who’s…13 years younger than him?! [ELLE]

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