Gossip Girl Recap: Our 5 Predictions Thanks to Last Night’s Ep!

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We can’t say we’re too satisfied with Gossip Girl so far this season. Let’s be honest, the only really exciting story line is Blair’s whole pregnancy thing. So since the show hasn’t really been living up to our expectations, we’ve decided to get a little crafty and come up with some predictions of our own based on what’s gone down so far.

On last night’s ep, things got a little more complicated for Blair. And oh yeah, it looks like psycho Charlie is here to stay. Read our recap with 5 moments from last night that helped us come up with some majorly awesome predictions.

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1. Serena obsesses over keeping “Charlie” around. Oh, S. You really need to realize that your dear supposed cousin “Charlie” is not who you think she is. After trying to get Charlie to be her roomie over in L.A., Serena finds out she won’t be staying out there after all but is headed back to the Upper East Side. Even though Charlie is all reluctant about moving in with her, S still insists on bringing her back to NYC. Our prediction hereo? Charlie will finally succeed on bringing S down. Duh.

2. Prince Louis has a sister and she’s not up for playing nice girl. Last night we met Beatrice (Blair’s future sis-in-law), and while at first she seems nice, Beatrice’s got a plan of her own…to take her bro Louis’s place.  If Beatrice’s plan works, we don’t see B’s fairy tale ending becoming a reality. And with Beatrice knowing about B’s pregnancy, we’re pretty sure B will have to share the news come next week.

3. Nate lands another hook up with his cougar and a job. Well, guess this has turned out to be a win-win sitch for Nate. Not only did he totally get to sleep with Diana Payne again, he ends up getting hired to work for her. But Diana sort of seems sketchy to us, so we think this “job” is probs going to land Nate into some legal trouble in the very near future. Either that or Diana’s got a hubby who will end up coming after Nate. Yikes!

4. Chuck has started paying people to beat him up, and we’re kinda worried. Okay, so Bass has officially gone nutso. He’s paying off these “thugs” to beat him up and we really don’t get why. We get the whole he “doesn’t feel anything” issue, but we’re wondering what exactly got him to this dark place. What happened to the happy “yes” guy from last week?! Here’s what we’re predicting for dear ol’ Chuck: B being preggers will either bring him to a great place or will throw him off the edge completely.

5. Blair has no clue who the father is, but we think…So B’s got a classic case of the girl who sleeps around, turns out pregnant and then has no clue who the baby daddy is. Lucky for her, she only has to narrow it down to two choices. Now, if Prince Louis is daddy dearest, then B’s fairy tale will finally come true. Although we think deep down, she’s hoping it’s not his. If Chuck is the daddy, then our fairy tale ending will finally come true. But don’t get too excited, Bluck fans. We’ve got a feeling this UES princess isn’t even going to have the baby in the first place.