Gossip Girl Recap: Charlie Isn’t Who We Thought and Chuck Just Broke Our Hearts!

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So it’s goodbye until next season for us Gossip Girl fans, but we’re not sure if we can wait that long after last night’s season finale, “The Wrong Goodbye.” The last 15 minutes totally blew us away! From goodbyes that should’ve never happened to a shocking surprise with one particular newbie, we were left begging for more!

And for those who are totally anxious to find out what happened, we won’t keep you waiting any longer, let’s recap this bad boy!

1. Chuck is our knight in shining armor. Chuck arrives in true hero form to save B from Russell’s wrath, practically breaking down the door as she runs into his arms (we can thank her speed dial for that one.). To shake all the drama, they have a drink at a random bar mitzvah, dance a little and sneak away to hook up in an empty room, just like the Chuck and Blair we used to know (and love!). But before B can confess and break things off with the prince, Chuck steps in and gives them his blessing. It’s the moment of wrong goodbye for our fave couple, and Blair rides off into the sunset with Louis. We’re hoping this doesn’t last long.

2. Georgina’s back, ready to conspire, and she’s brought along…a husband? So Georgina is married now and living what she calls a very “boring” life, but her return was everything but. She made us laugh with her endless one-liners and we can’t wait for her to begin wreaking havoc next season. But the reason we really loved her? She was the only one to see through Charlie’s lies. At the end, we saw G pass Charlie her number, so will she team up with her, or try take her down? We’re not sure, but we’re super excited to find out.

3. Vanessa gives us one more reason to hate her. After her seriously failed attempt at fitting in after trying to find Charlie with Serena, V ends up at Dan’s Brooklyn loft, where she finds his unpublished manuscript about what else — being an outsider on the UES. She calls to convince him to sell it, but Dan’s already done with her, ending their convo by saying his biggest mistake was letting her up his fire escape four years ago. Ouch. So what does V do? Steals his book, sells it to a publisher, gets the checks sent to her and MOVES TO SPAIN! We’re happy she’s gone, don’t get us wrong, but we really hope she gets taken down somehow next season.

4. Charlie totally beats Juliet in the crazy, secret motive department. In the last few minutes, we find out that Charlie isn’t actually Charlie — just some random girl named Ivy who Lily’s sister Carol hired to trick her family into creating a trust fund bank account for, complete with tons of blank checkbooks that she can now just use at her disposal. So rather than the single white female crazy we thought she was, she’s really a conniving con artist. Uh, well, this should be interesting as she makes her return to the UES.

5. Oh yeah, we see a pregnancy test in the trash can. A positive pregnancy test at that! Umm, okay… so whose test is that? Will Blair get married in maternity wear? Will Serena return from Cali with a baby bump? And if so, which guy is headed to daddyville??

We’re dying in anticipation to find out what will happen next! What did you think of last night’s season finale? Any predictions for season 5? Sound off in the comments!

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