Gossip Girl Recap: A Prince, Stalker and Lonely Boy…Oh My!

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Uh, was last night’s Gossip Girl episode, “Petty in Pink,” a filler eppy or something? We can’t help but feel like something was just missing from it, and we’re not talking about Little J. But between Prince Louis’ return and all those fab pink designer gowns, there was still enough to keep us intrigued on what’s gonna down on the Upper East Side next week…

So, let’s recap, shall we?

1. Prince Louis, aka Blair’s knight in shining armor, made his big comeback except we’re still wondering why exactly he chose to return for Blair in the first place. They had zero chemistry last time and this time, well, there’s Dan. And also Chuck. Just sayin’.
2.. Vanessa also made her big return to the UES, attempting to cause mayhem. How exciting. Not! We’re just glad that Dan was able to see the person she’s truly become after finding out it was her who outed Blair and him to Serena. Friends forever? Not so much.
3. Serena goes in to full stalker mode for Dan. From poking around the Gossip Girl website to sending Charlie out to spy, S really went to some crazy lengths for someone she cares nothing about. Kudos! We just think she misses being the center of Dan’s attention while her BFF gets all the boys. It happens.
4. Blair really put S in her place when she said, “You can have a taste of what it’s like to be in my shadow now.” We thought that was awesome! Who else absolutely loved that quote? Anyone? Anyone?
5. Dan and Blair’s big plan to kiss and save the Prince from having to go back home totally worked. And B’s next line was a Blair Waldorf classic: “I committed social suicide for you!”

What did you think of “Petty in Pink?”  Share some of your favorite scenes and quotes with us in the comments and vote below on who you think Blair should end up with!