Gossip Girl Recap: Vanessa’s Back, And So Is Dair! (Sorry Chair Fans)

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Between new cousins and old nemeses, last night’s episode of Gossip Girl was filled with unexpected characters. Although Charlie and Vanessa are bound to bring big-time drama to the Upper East Side, Blair and her hilar one-liners totally stole the episode, as per usual.

Click on for the top 5 quotes of the ep!

Quote #1:
Blair: “If Chuck is destined to be my prince, why kiss any more toads?”
Dorota: “Humphrey more Labrador than toad.”

Quote #2:
Blair: “All I ever wanted was a simple fairytale. Kate Middleton has it. And I have much shinier hair.”


Quote #3:
Dan: “With you, she was always caught up in schemes and take-downs, but that’s not really her. She’s intelligent. She’s intuitive, you know. She weeps when she watches ‘Nights of Cabiria.'”

Quote #4:
Chuck: “You’re not supposed to kiss him. He’s Hum Drum-Humphrey. Epperly told me it was life changing.”
Blair: “Because it made me realize I wanted to be with you! Dan and I both know it meant nothing. Less than nothing. Right?… I was going to tell you all about it tonight, but that would have been a huge mistake. Dan Humphrey may not be royalty but at least he’s not a child.”

Quote #5:
CeCe: “Oh, darling. Oh, you look lovely in your mugshot. It was smart of you to turn yourself in so you could make sure your hair was done.”