Gossip Girl Recap: A Fairy God-Cousin and a Wicked Uncle? All is Normal On the UES

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An engagement dinner, black-tie affair and a possibly obsessed female…ah yes, it was just a typical day for these Upper East Side kids. Last night’s Gossip Girl episode “Shattered Bass” left us surprised, satisfied and really looking forward to next week’s finale. 

So since so much happened, what exactly did you miss on last night’s ep? Well, let’s see here…

1. Charlie is uh, kind of a weirdo. We totally knew that there had to be something more to Serena’s darling cousin, but we never thought she’d be sort of psycho. Not only is she on some type of medication (For what? We’re not sure!), but she’s also got this whole I-want-to-be-Serena thing going. We totally heard when she asked Dan, “Can you call me Serena?”while they were making out. Weird.

2. Princess Sophie finally accepts Blair! B got super lucky with this one and she has her stepdaddy to thank for it. After hearing nothing but great things about Blair, the Princess decides that Blair and Prince Louis are not only allowed to make a public appearance as an engaged couple, but she reinstates Louis into his royal place. Awesome!

3. Speaking of the Prince, he not only went to see Chuck, but he also threatened to leave Blair if she doesn’t spill all about her life. Hmm, Blair exposing all? We’re thinking that’s NOT gonna happen! Even Chuck knew this, saying”Blair is nothing without her secrets, get used to it.” Guess Chuck knows her way more than her own fiance does. Ouch.

4. Bart Bass was not responsible for the fire. You know, the fire that killed Raina’s mom? Turns out Bart had nothing to do with it and that the guilty one was daddy Thorpe. Shame on you! And while this was supposed to be kept under wraps, Nate totally spills to Raina the truth about the fire. Raina decides to call her daddy and of course he’s thinking Chuck told her. Revenge on Chuck? Oh yeah, that’s coming!

5. Uncle Jack is not so wicked after all! Jack made his comeback in this episode and we’re super surprised to see that the whole time he was really on Chuck’s side. We were completely fooled for a while there. So that means no Chuck Bass take down and we’re thrilled about that!

What did you think of last night’s episode? Are you looking forward to the finale? What do you think is going to happen to Blair? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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