Tonight on ‘Gossip Girl’: Chuck Throws a Party!

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Looks like the folks of Mystic Falls aren’t the only ones who know how to throw a party! On tonight’s all new ep of Gossip Girl, Chuck and the gang get all dressed up for his masquerade party at his hotel — but then again, what would an episode of the show be without a fancy affair? Serena (Blake Lively) acts unusually weird at the gala, causing some tension between her and Nate (Chace Crawford) and Dan (Penn Badgley) and her feelings for the guys.

But someone‘s feelings are pretty obvious — Chuck and Blair’s! Tonight’s we’ll see even more kissing between the two. Yes!!

Click through to see pics of tonight’s episode and the masquerade party!

Do you like that Chuck and Blair are back together? Who do you want Serena to get back with — Nate or Dan — or Colin? Sound off!