Tonight on ‘Gossip Girl’: Upper East Siders Make Up and Make Out!

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Last week’s episode of Gossip Girl had tons of amazing guest stars, but tonight’s? Tons of amazing make out sessions! Serena and the hot teacher Colin, Chuck and Blair (uh, yeah, they’re back together — spoiler alert!)… tonight’s ep looks like it’s going to be pretty hot.

Click to see more pics of the Upper East Siders making out on tonight’s episode!

Also on tonight’s episode, Nate (Chace Crawford) and Dan (Penn Badgley) both realize they still have feelings for Serena (Blake Lively) — shocker! — after Nate finally finds out that Juliet (Katie Cassidy) is hiding a major secret from him. Drama drama drama!

Are you going to tune in to tonight’s drama-filled ep of GG?