Gossip Girl Preview: Will Blair Lose Her Life or Will Chuck Be Her Knight In Shining Armor?

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After the end of last week’s “Shattered Bass” Gossip Girl episode, we were left wondering if Russell Thorpe’s plan of revenge on Chuck could possibly mean that Blair would be, well, dead. Not just dead in love but dead, like, in life.  But on tonight’s season finale, “The Wrong Goodbye?” Somehow we’re convinced that Chuck Bass just won’t let that happen…

So what other surprises does the episode have in store? Two words: Georgina Sparks…

Yup, that’s right, Michelle Trachtenberg aka Georgina Sparks is making her comeback tonight! After being gone since that whole fiasco with claiming Dan was her baby’s daddy, we can only imagine what trouble she’ll be stirring up now.

Watch a preview from tonight’s ep and tell us what you think!

What do you think is going to happen in tonight’s finale? Do you think Blair will be rescued in time? What kind of trouble will Georgina cause now?! Sound off with your predictions in the comments!

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