Gossip Girl Recap: Our 5 Predictions Thanks to Last Night’s Ep!

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It was a huge night for Dan on last night’s episode of Gossip Girl, so huge that we think Lonely Boy just got a whole lot lonelier. But in “Memoirs of an Invisible Dan,” Dan isn’t the only one dealing with the repercussions of his actions.

Read on to catch what went down on last night’s ep!

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1. Chuck and Blair get some one on one time and make our little Chair loving hearts happy. But things don’t stay all peachy cause as much as we want these two to be together, it seems as though Blair and Prince Louis will never be over. Gossip Girl ends up spotting Chuck and Blair together and even though Louis sees the blast, Blair manages to convince him that there’s nothing more than just a friendship between them.

Our prediction: Blair will eventually figure out that Chuck really is the one for her and end up right back in his arms. Or maybe this is just something we’re really, really hoping for!

2. Dan’s book makes its debut and the Upper East Side world is turned upside down. When everyone reads Inside (Dan’s book), Dan goes from Lonely Boy to… Hated Boy?! In the book, Serena is portrayed as a selfish party girl, Blair does a lot of hooking up with Dan, Nate and Eric are consolidated into one person, Chuck commits suicide and Rufus is just a little trophy husband. Weirdest part of all, Chuck was actually happy with how the book made him out to be. As for everyone else? Let’s just say they’re not Dan’s biggest fan right now.

Our prediction: Dan’s book will become a bestseller and he’ll be too busy (and famous and rich) to care about how much everyone is hating on him.

3. Serena faces major problems at work cause of Inside, but gets a perfect chance to redeem herself. S officially started her new job during last night’s ep, but when Dan’s book makes its way to her office things get a bit shaky. People start to figure out that “Sabrina” is Serena and end up cancelling all their plans to work with her and her boss. So how can Serena redeem herself? Her boss is giving her one week to snag up the movie rights to Dan’s book.

Our prediction: Serena will go back and forth a million times before finally pushing herself to ask Dan for the book rights. Once she nails the deal, she’ll quit, which is what she usually does when she thinks her reputation is about to completely tarnished.

4. Prince Louis thinks Blair really did sleep with Dan and starts to rethink their relationship. So the Prince is having trust issues with Blair. Well, Mr. Prince, you clearly felt like this before so why did you even bother proposing to her in the first place? Are we the only ones who get annoyed by him? As per usual though, Louis ends up believing and forgiving Blair. This cycle seriously needs to stop.

Our prediction: Blair will eventually get sick of always having to explain herself to Louis, and she’ll end up leaving him before he can leave her.

5. Charlie’s identity is discovered and things get really juicy. Nate’s cougar, Diana, is a smart cookie. After Charlie shows up at Diana’s office with Nate, she gets this hunch that Charlie is actually Ivy. Seeing that the cell phone goes missing, she goes with her gut and calls Charlie only to see that she was right. Poor Charlie. Her world is about to come crumbling down. Diana hires Charlie to work for her in order to “protect her.”

Our prediction: Diana has a much bigger plan for Charlie and Nate. But Charlie will eventually figure out that Nate and Diana have been hooking up and will use this to her advantage.

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