Uh Oh. Are Lily and Georgina Becoming Gossip Girl Besties?

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Uh, we’re pretty sure that Serena is not gonna be very happy about this. Her mom and Georgina looking all chummy and like besties? Lily, you already screwed up things with Serena and Ben and Serena and Dan and Serena and everyone else, so can you, um, not hang out with Serena’s worst enemy, Georgina?

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Oh, don’t worry. That’s just Kelly Rutherford and Michelle Trachtenberg hanging out at the American Ballet Winter Ball in NYC. But we had ya there for a sec though, didn’t we? You totally thought these pics were from the set of Gossip Girl. We’re tricky like that. But Michelle aka Georgina is returning to the show, so hey, it could happen!

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