Gossip Girl Recap: Our 5 Predictions Thanks to Last Night’s Ep!

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Here we are again kids; another Tuesday, another Gossip Girl recap. But is anyone else starting to get totally bored with GG?! It’s like lately nothing is really happening and last night’s ep “I Am Number Nine” pretty much had us searching for our PJs and a pillow. Yawn.

Either way, we promise to still make this recap super awesome! Now let’s begin…

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1. Charlie and Nate sorta hook up and old lady Payne isn’t too happy about it. If you tuned in last night, then you know Nate and Charlie wound up making out a bit during that Spectator launch party Diana threw. The whole purpose of this little hook up? Well, Charlie was trying to score her part in Blair’s royal wedding and Nate was busy trying to get Diana jealous. Good job, Nate! Not only did Diana get super jealous, but she finally came out and told the world about their affair through a report on her site. Oh, and did we forget to mention how she threatened Charlie to stay away from him? Yeah, that happened.

Our prediction: Honestly, we don’t really get this whole Nate/Diana thing. Does he have some mommy issues we don’t know about? Here’s what we’re thinking about this whole sitch. Even though Charlie was told to stay away, we think her and Nate may just be the next new couple on the UES. And Diana in turn will bring her world crumbling down.

2. Well, well if it isn’t Prince Louis the insecure jerk. Who knew Louis had a scheming bone in his body? But maybe after “The Fasting and the Furious,” we should’ve known he was no different than the rest of these UES kids. So it turns out Louis hired Dr. Barnes (ya know, the shrink) to mess with Chuck’s head and turn him back into that guy B would never want. That plan backfired! Not only did Chuck find out, but he ended up telling B what was going on and went to see her right after the party to tell her everything he never got to say before. Is there still hope for these two?

Our prediction: Since the Prince is on his way to take some random trip, we’re thinking Blair will see this as the perfect time to hook up catch up with Chuck and see where things could go. Or maybe this is just our Chair loving hearts holding on to that last string of hope?

3. Dan lands as #9 on the bestseller’s list, attends his first development meeting and loses his movie all in the same day. Poor lonely boy. Just when things are starting to look up, they end up right back in the mud. But who asked him to have friends like Serena? The girl can’t seem to do anything right at this point. Jane (aka S’s boss) decides to completely pull the plug on Dan’s movie. Worst part of all? Dan goes home only to find out that next week he’s completely off the bestseller’s list and the only way to save his book is with a movie.

Our prediction: Dan is gonna need to take a job with Jane or Diana if he ever wants to matter as an author again, and we’re thinking he’ll choose Diana since she seems to have quite the power. It was her fault after all that Jane decided to pull the plug on the flick…

4. Jane and Diana are really close friends. We kinda guessed these two knew each other since at the beginning of the season, S went to a shindig at Diana’s house, but we had no idea just how close these two were. When S asks about their relationship, Diana isn’t willing to say much except that you can’t really reveal all your secrets. Whatever the case is with these two, Diana certainly has a lot of influence over Jane cause all it took was for them to have a chat about S to get her fired. In case you missed it, S is now like a blogger for Diana and apparently she hired her to bring Gossip Girl down.

Our prediction: Diana’s got dirt on just about everyone, so basically everyone is afraid of her. But who’s got dirt on Diana? Gossip Girl! This seems like the only reason she’d want to take her down. Unless she’s actually scared of the competition Gossip Girl’s blog is giving her site, but we seriously doubt that.

5. Louis tells Blair he found the torn-up paternity test results. This scene was kind of odd. Notice that Louis tells B he found the results, but he never says he actually read them. And we’re thinking he probs didn’t. B looked so scared when he said he had found them. If her baby is actually is, what reason would she have to be nervous?

Our prediction: Louis never read the results cause for some reason he really trusts Blair. Now that B knows he found the envelope, she’ll feel so guilty that she’ll decide to come out and confess who the daddy really is.