Tonight on ‘Gossip Girl’: Serena and Dan Get Back Together?!

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Last week, we cried ourselves to sleep because there were no new episodes of anything, no thanks to Thanksgiving. Instead, we showed you this pic from tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, called “Gaslit,” where Jenny creeps around Blair’s apartment. While we could contemplate for hours why Little J is in B’s home, we might as well just give you the deets on tonight’s episode instead.

So, shall we?

Not to get you too excited or anything, but the show’s Executive Producer, Josh Schwartz, Tweeted that tonight’s episode is the “best GG of year…”, and even Entertainment Weekly seems to agree. Maybe it’s because tonight’s episode has Serena (Blake Lively) in the hospital and, later, rekindling a romance (aka hooking up!) with Dan (Penn Badgley)? Yup! It’s true! Don’t believe us? Check out the preview vid below — and the pics! — for all of tonight’s action.


Are you happy Dan and Serena are back together? Do you like Taylor back on the show, or do you like it better when she’s on hiatus? Tell us below!