Whaaa? Why is Jenny Chillin’ In Blair’s House?

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We’re thankful for Thanksgiving and all, but the worst part about this holiday is that pretty much none of our new shows are on all week long. How rude?! What do the networks expect us to do while we’re at home spending too much quality time with our families if we can’t watch new eppies of our fave shows?

Gossip Girl is just one of the many shows on hiatus this week (boo!). But we saw this pic of Jenny Humphrey aka Taylor Momsen from next week’s episode, called “Gaslit,” and now we can’t help but wonder — what is Jenny doing in — gasp! — Blair’s house?

Any ideas? Maybe she’s sneaking in and trying to sabotage Blair and Serena? Or Maybe Blair and Jenny have something up their sleeves? What do you think will happen in next week’s episode? Leave your predictions below!