‘Gossip Girl’ Preview: Is Serena Shacking Up With Ben?!

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From the looks of this pic and this pic alone, a lot is about to go down on tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, called “The Townie.” For one, Blair, Dan and Nate try to find Juliet after she went MIA on last week’s ep. For two, Kevin Zegers, aka Miley’s makeout buddy and Zac Efron’s long-lost twin, is back and up to no good. And for three, um, did we mention this pic of Serena and Ben? Ben Sharp? Juliet’s brother?

What are they doing hanging out?!

Our guess is as good as yours! Do you think Serena and Ben are going to date? Maybe they met while she was in rehab? Or do you think this pic is just to throw us off, and they’re really just friends? Tell us below!

Oh, and click below to check out a preview clip from tonight’s episode, “The Townie!”