Gossip Girl Recap: Our 5 Predictions Thanks to Last Night’s Ep!

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It was an episode full of Upper East Siders (and non-UES) in denial on Gossip Girl last night. Guess that’s why the ep was appropriately titled “The Jewel in Denial,” eh? Although technically we’re pretty sure this “jewel” is Blair.

Read on to catch our recap filled with predictions based on last night’s ep!

1. Blair’s baby’s father is revealed and it’s…Prince Louis?! Ha! We don’t think so. Why? B totally decided to hide the paternity test’s results from him right after sharing that he was the daddy. The look on her face was priceless. But the biggest shocker of all was probs when B actually decided to go see Chuck and tell him herself that she’s preggers. Our hearts pretty much broke into a billion pieces after she told him the baby wasn’t his and we know for a fact his did, too.

Our prediction: Chuck will either try to find a way to find out if what B is saying is true or he’ll need to be put on suicide watch.

2. “Charlie” is back on the UES with Serena and it looks like it may be for now good. So we still don’t get how S is so blind to everything, but whatevs. Her wish came true and now Charlie seems to be in this world she loves so much for the long run. While S may be thrilled about this, Carol wasn’t too pleased. She hired Ivy to do one job and now she’s back playing the Charlie role again.

Our prediction: Carol’s real daughter will come out of the woodwork and Charlie will have to go back to living her boring old life.

3. Dan’s book Inside is being brought to the outside, thanks to his mentor Noah Shapiro. “Lonely Boy” may not have had the guts to get his book published, but Noah didn’t care and had his agent publish the book. Thanks to Noah, Dan will now get to see his dream as a big time author become a reality. But we’re pretty sure this will come with some heavy consequences.

Our prediction: Being that Dan’s book is basically a tell-all, we see some major cat fights and major hate (on Dan) heading his way.

4. Nate started his internship at The Spectator working for Diana. Okay, Nate. You need to seriously wake up before it’s too late. Diana is using Nate to get the undercover dirt on all these senators and stuff that Nate happens to know cause of his family. And Nate, of course, being the weak one for the cougars, is allowing himself to fall right into her trap of being used. Last night, Diana had him uncover an affair which caused a major scene and made Nate look like a total scumbag.

Our prediction: Nate is going to land in some major trouble while Diana will get to walk away as if nothing ever happened.

5. After helping Diana steal phones at that fashion event, Nate comes across Ivy’s aka Charlie’s cell phone. But Nate doesn’t have a clue who Ivy even is since he knows her as Charlie. There’s a random text by some guy on her phone and we’re not sure if this means she’s plotting another scheme or not.

Our prediction: Nate will figure out Charlie is actually Ivy, but Serena probs won’t believe him until it’s too late.