7 Gossip Girl Characters Who Cheated on Their Significant Other

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Gossip Girl was the show with the characters we loved to hate. It was hard to watch any of those jaw-droppingly salacious episodes without at least once rooting for someone else to cheat on his/her BF or GF. Admit it! It was fun sometimes to see who was going to end up with who, and not to mention that big series reveal at the end when we found out who Gossip Girl actually was. We won’t spoil it (though, you have zero excuses not knowing the answer by now), but it was a shocker.

Sadly, not everyone we wanted to end up together did, but it seemed, in the end, it was for the best. Especially since it seemed that every single character basically cheated or was cheated on during the entire run of the series. Yup, it was that kind of a drama, but that’s what made it the best guilty pleasure on television for six seasons. Here are some of the characters who committed the act of cheating throughout the course of the series: