What’s Better Than an Episode of Good Luck Charlie and Shake It Up? A Crossover Ep, That’s What!

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What happens when the cast of Good Luck Charlie meets Shake It Up? You get an awesome Charlie Shakes It Up crossover special, that’s what! That means Bridgit Mendler, Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman will all be together in one mega-sized ep of our two fave Disney shows. It’s like that time that Wizards crossed over with Hannah Montana. Or iCarly collided with Victorious. Except this crossover’s gonna be, like, way better.

So what exactly is in store for us in Charlie Shakes It Up? Click on to get deets!

According to TVGuide.com, Good Luck Charlie‘s Teddy and Amy will head over to Chicago only to be mistaken for a famous hip-hop group. But since we know that’s not true, they’ll seek the help of Shake It Up‘s Cece and Rocky to come up with a killer dance performance. So excited!

Fast forward to about 27 seconds in in the video below to see what Zendaya is most excited about for the crossover ep:

The episode airs Sunday, June 5 at 8pm on Disney Channel! Are you looking forward to the Good Luck Charlie/Shake It Up collab? Which of these two shows is your fave? What are you hoping to see when the two casts come together? Sound off in the comments!