5 Good Girls Who Play Bad Girls On-Screen

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Some of our fave drama-starting, butt-kicking, and snobby characters in Hollywood are actually played by… wait for it… goody two-shoes. We’re not sure how such good girls are so great at bringing out their bad sides, but they do it well. And we can’t get enough of these 5!

Selena Gomez is the definition of the “All American Girl” (hot boyfriend and all), but in her upcoming movie, Spring Breakers, she robs a bank and totes gets busted. The only thing she’s stolen IRL is the Biebs’ heart!


Dianna Agron may be forever known as the snotty, stuck-up cheerleader on Glee, but she’s def one of the biggest sweethearts in Hollywood, always taking the time to chat with fans and sign autographs.


She may have been droppin’ f-bombs like it was her job in Kick-Ass, but IRL, Chloe Moretz (who stars in Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp!) is a regular teen just like us.


Blonde, bubbly Dakota Fanning played a ’70s rocker in The Runaways (and even had some lip-locking action with KStew during the flick!), but she’s nothing close to the characters she plays. (P.S. Is that a halo on her head we see? Well, close enough.)


Ashley Benson has the bad girl role down, from starring as Hanna in Pretty Little Liars to joining Selena in Spring Breakers, but IRL, shoplifting and hiding deep dark secrets is so not her style. The only secret we’re dying to know is how her hair is always so perf!

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Which of these good girls do you like seeing play a bad girl on-screen? Any other ladies we forgot?

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