7 Books You’ll Be Assigned This Year That You’ll Actually Want to Read

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Even if you like reading independently, very few people would fault you for losing motivation when it comes to your school reading list. There’s just something about a book being assigned to you, rather than picking it up off the shelf yourself — plus the looming knowledge that you’re going to have to write a 10-page research paper on it in a few weeks — that makes it instantly lose all factors that might have made it desirable to you. Then, when you add in the nightly worksheets your teacher assigns to prove that you’re actually doing the reading, which soon turn into daily quizzes to prove that you’re actually doing the reading, and that one kid in your class who always feels the need to tie the book you’re reading, whatever it is, to Infinite Jest even though you’re pretty sure he hasn’t even read Infinite Jest and you definitely know that the Jane Austen book you’re reading has literally nothing to do with David Foster Wallace, it might be enough to make you give up on reading altogether.

Don’t give up on reading altogether! I can promise you that at least one of the books you’ll be assigned this year is actually good. Of course, being the model student that I know you are, I know that you are going read everything you’re assigned this year. But just in case you need a little inspiration, these books are the ones that you’ll actually really love:

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