Lunchtime Poll: Who Do You Think Deserved a Golden Globe Nom?

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We were pleased with most of the 2011 Golden Globe nominees (Glee! The Social Network!) and even pleasantly surprised in some cases. (Emma Stone for Easy A? Ah-mazing.) But with the release of nominees comes the inevitable discussion on who was snubbed, and we’ve got a few peeps in mind.

Click here for our picks on Golden Globe snubs, then tell us who you think deserves a nom the most!

Justin Timberlake gave his best performance ever in a movie in The Social Network. Harry Potter has traditionally been ignored during award season for the major categories, but Deathly Hallows was epic. And sure, these may be long shots, but Chloe Moretz stole every scene in Kick-Ass, and The Vampire Diaries has us glued to our TV every Thursday. (Plus the People have spoken.)

Do you agree with us? Tell us who you think deserved a Golden Globe nomination in the comments!