The Olympics Are Here, So You Need These 16 Gold-Infused Beauty Products

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If you didn’t know that the 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off in Pyeongchang South Korea this month, then you have seriously been missing out. There’s nothing we like more than watching the best of the best duke it out on our TV screens, whether Lindsey Vonn and Shaun White are speeding through snow the or Maia and Alex Shibutani are slowing things down in the ice dance competition. Even if you’d rather tune into gymnastics and sprints an the 2020 Summer Olympics, give these athletes a chance as they go for the gold — they’re incredible!

But as excited as we are about medals, those only come around every couple of years. And our odds of ever holding one in our hands? Slim to none. But gold-infused makeup, on the other hand, is actually within our reach. Turns out there are all kinds of companies that mix real gold into their beauty products and getting them off the shelves and onto our faces requires a chunk of change instead of a lifetime of training. Sound good to you? We thought so.

Just think of it like this. When you’re watching the Games with a bowl of popcorn in your lap and a glittery mask drying on your face, it’ll be hard to tell who the REAL winner is. Our money’s on you!