Congrats Are in Order — One of Your Fave YouTubers is About to Be a Mom!

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One of your favorite YouTubers will soon be joining some of your favorite celebrities who are in the New Mom Club verrry soon! Elated to share the good news with her fans, YouTube comedienne GloZell Green was all smiles on Instagram after hearing that she’ll soon be the momma to an adorable baby boy or girl!

The green-lipped personality, who is known for her HI-larious videos, suffers from endometriosis, an extremely painful condition in which tissue lining on the uterus grows outside the organ. It’s because of this that she has been told from many doctors that having a child probably wasn’t an option for her; however, this wasn’t going to stop her from starting a family with her husband. After a lengthy battle with infertility, the 43-year-old funny woman was overjoyed last week when she heard the good news that Shawna Johnson, her surrogate, was pregnant. EEEEK!

We couldn’t be happier for GloZell and her hubby! Now the question is… WDYT, is it a boy or a girl? Weigh in your thought in the comments below!

According to Kylie, she won’t be joining GloZell any time soon.

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