Looking for an NSFW Halloween Trend? Glitter Pumpkin Butts Have Arrived

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Get ready, goblins and ghouls! Instagram just came through with yet another body glitter trend, and this time, it’s especially for Halloween.

That’s right, folks! Go Get Glitter, the cosmetics brand behind the glitter butts trend that happened earlier this year, is back again with their special edition glitter pumpkin butt! While we can’t say we’ll be rocking this look this Halloween, we’d be totally lying if we said it wasn’t festive AF. See?

Well… we told you it’s festive!

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably dying to know what inspired this wild idea, and luckily, Marie reached out to the company to find out! Sophia Levy, a makeup artist and co-founder of Go Get Glitter said, “The glitter bum trend we started is so popular, we wanted to find a way to tie it in with the Halloween content we have been creating. Our peach bum was, and still is, one of our most popular looks, so we wanted to recreate it with a Halloween twist!”

So, how did they create the look? Sophia said that they “used black and orange paint to draw out the shape, and then filled it in using our Glitter Fix and chunky glitter.” Seems easy enough, no?

Alas, after a search on Twitter, we found that the trend hasn’t really taken off, but don’t worry! It’s only the first week of October and we have a hunch there will be a few daring people on social media who will turn their bums into bum-pkins! Until then, we’ll just continue scrolling through Go Get Glitter’s Instagram page, because LBR, they glitter way more than just butts! Look at Clevver’s own Joslyn, Lily and Erin, for example, who were transformed into real life Powerpuff girls!

Now that you’ve seen some examples, we think it’s time that you get creative. Sure, glitter might get stuck in places you’d rather it not, but it’s almost Halloween! If you’re going to try the glitter pumpkin butt trend, it might as well be now… right?