O-M-Glee! The Warblers Could Be Getting a Spinoff Show! Would You Watch?!

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First an album, then a possible spinoff show to Glee?! OMG, those Warblers are totally the next Kardashians! While at the Oxygen Upfronts in New York City this week, Darren Criss aka head Warbler aka Blaine revealed a few things about the Warblers getting their very own show. And even though nothing’s set in stone at the moment, it’s not
exactly out of the question either…

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Darren told Access Hollywood:

“Hey, I’m just happy to be invited to the party. A spin-off, whatever they want, I’m happy where I am.”

Ok, but give us more, Darren! He said:

“I think Blaine serves a really cool function in the grander scheme of Glee, so I don’t think we need to focus particularly — you know, but if they want to do it, hey, I’m down! Whatever they want.”

We are so down too! Are you?! Would you watch a Warblers spinoff featuring Darren Criss and the Warblers? To the comments you go!