#nowplaying: Dalton Academy Warblers’ Very First Album!

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Pretty sure this is the best week in Glee ever. First, we get TONS of spoilers about the “Born This Way” episode, Wemma’s future, and Charice’s return to McKinley. And now, we get the release of the very first (but most definitely not last) Warblers album!. Yup, Darren Criss and the Dalton kids’ very first music collections hit stores and iTunes tomorrow, April 19, and um, yeah, let’s just say this compilation is long overdue.

Click to stream the album before it comes out!

All you gotta do to hear the entire album is click on over to JSYK to stream all the songs!

Are you going to get the Warblers album tomorrow, April 19? Which of the Warblers songs is your fave?