Glee Recap: 5 Things That Happened at McKinley That Would Never Happen IRL

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Oh boy, how do we say this nicely? Last night’s episode of Glee was borderline… odd. While we completely appreciate the Spanish influences — via music and the addition of Ricky Martin(!) — we just gotta ask, WTH was up with Mr. Schue? And Santana? And Sue? They were just so unlike their usual selves that we have to question their storylines, along with a bunch of other plots in the “The Spanish Teacher” episode. But that’s totally fine with us because now we just have more to talk about in this recap with the 5 things that happened last night that would never happen IRL…


1. Nighttime Spanish teacher David Martinez (AKA Ricky) is better at speaking the language than the daytime Spanish teacher. And he’s hot. Except those aren’t even the far-fetched parts. He’s also a singer/dancer who wants to start his own glee club at 2am. WTF? It was hard enough getting 12 kids to join during regular hours.

2. A tenured spot opens up after the history teacher retires. So, Will and Sue go head-to-head to claim that opening. Howevs, complaints were lodged against both of them, so Will tries to defend his honor by dressing up as a Spanish matador and making a fool of himself.

3.  Meanwhile, Sue wants the job security because she wants to start a family. After freezing her eggs in the ’70s (when the technology wasn’t even invented yet), she now thinks it’s time to start reproducing since she was basically a mother figure to her sister, and now to Becky. The kicker? She asks Will for his, uhh, man juice ’cause she wants her child to have his “goodness” and “optimism.” But um, why would a woman want the sperm of a guy she despised? Makes. No. Sense.

4. Santana starts caring about her education and admits that she’s the one who complained about Schue’s teaching skills. In order to prove that he was unfit for the job, she sings and dances with Mr. Martinez to Madonna’s beautiful Spanish song, “La Isla Bonita” (which was 100% the highlight of the entire show). Schuester then realizes that he sucks took the job because it was the only teaching position available. So he offers it to Ricky’s character and instead decides he’s gonna teach history. But wait, is he even qualified for that gig?!

5. In Samcedes news, Emma tells Mercedes and Sam not to speak to each other for a week to see how they really feel. But Emma never said they couldn’t sing. It’s Glee, so it’s not necessarily unbelievable that their characters would serenade each other. We just find Sam’s attempt at dancing and singing to Enrique Iglesia’s “Hero” (half in Spanish) to be hilar.

What was the most unrealistic event in last night’s show? Do you think Santana was right for complaining about Mr. Schuester and not talking to him about it first? Would you wanna see Ricky Martin in another ep? Go ahead, comment away!

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