Glee Preview: Everything You Need to Know About Tonight’s Premiere Ep!

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Glee‘s back on tonight! Ah! We’ve been waiting till May to say that! And all we gotta say is the premiere ep and, well, the entire season better be good. We’ve been promised amazing storylines, new love interests, and tons of fab songs and us gleeks are going to be seriously let down if those things don’t happen. Ya hear, Ryan Murphy?

But what’s going to happen on tonight’s premiere ep, “The Purple Piano Project?” Well, duh we’ve got the beat deets…

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Did we say beat? Whoops. That’s prob because of this clip from tonight’s ep, where New Directions sings “We’ve Got the Beat” in the middle of the cafeteria. Watch it below!

Oh, and just an FYI in case you’re curious, we hear that on tonight’s ep, Santana and Brittany are back on the Cheerios, Quinn, um, goes goth, Will and Emma rekindle their romance, Sue begins a political campaign, and Kurt and Rachel set their sights on NYC colleges. Oh and here’s the kicker…Blaine comes to join New Directions, but the only one that’s happy about it is Kurt (and us!).

And make sure you get the rest of the Glee season 3 spoilers right here before tonight’s ep!

Glee airs tonight at 8pm on Fox! Are you excited? Think this season will be better than the last? Tell us everything…and share your excitement in the comments!