5 Things You Need to Know About Glee’s Epic Super Bowl Episode

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Most of the gleeks have been pretty hush-hush on the most anticipated episode of Glee yet — the Super Bowl eppie — but amidst all the secrets and the swirling rumors, there are some things we do know about Sunday’s episode.

And you should too…

For one thing, it’s going to be awesome. But we already knew that thanks to these pics…

VIDEO: OM-GLEE! Check out this Super Bowl eppie promo clip!

But really, there are 5 things you need to know about the episode before the big night. We swear. As if you already didn’t have a reason (or a million) to tune in…

1. Katie Couric will guest star. And she’ll dance. With Sue Sylvester. Now this we gotta see.
2. This ep is the most expensive of Glee ever, between the pyrotechnics, the royalties they paid for the songs, and the crazy stunts. Wow.
3. The song list is as follows:
“Need You Now” (Lady Antebellum) – Rachel & Puck
“She’s Not There” (The Zombies) – New Directions BOYS
“Bills, Bills, Bills” (Destiny’s Child) – The Warblers
“Thriller” (Michael Jackson)/ “Heads Will Roll” (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) – New Directions
4. There will be another Katy Perry tribute, which is evidenced by the Cheerios rockin’ those blue Katy-esque wigs. Could “California Gurls” be better than The Warblers’ “Teenage Dream?”
5. There’s also this little thing called a plot, where Coast Bieste and Mr. Schue try to bring New Directions and the football team together. Hence the glee club dancing in uniform. We totally get it now.

So, we don’t think we have to ask this, but how excited are you for Sunday’s episode? And Ps, stay tuned for song previews from the episode later in the week on Teen.com!