Yes! Charice Pretty Much Admits That Sunshine Will Be Back for Glee Season 3 (Exclusive Q&A)

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As if this pic wasn’t enough confirmation that Charice will be on tonight’s Glee season finale, here’s even more proof for you Chasters — she told us herself that she’ll be on it! We chatted with Charice about “Nationals” and Sunshine’s role in the ep and, yeah, let’s just say we’re pretty sure there will be lots of “Sunshine” in the episodes to come.

Find out what Cha has to say about why tonight’s episode will be “one of the best season finales ever,” what she hopes for Sunshine’s future and what she really thinks about possibly winning an Emmy!

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Teen: We’re so excited to see you sing at Nationals tonight! What can you tell us about Sunshine’s role in the finale episode?!
Charice: I’m really excited for the world to see it. It’s gonna be such an amazing episode. A lot of lessons to learn, especially for my character and Lea Michele’s character cause we all know that Rachel and Sunshine are rivals. But on the finale, there’s gonna be a big change and they’re gonna create a new friendship. It’s gonna be one of the best season finales ever.

Teen: You said that you interact with Rachel a lot. Are you gonna be interacting with the rest of the New Directions as well?
Charice: I think there’s a scene when we’re finding out who’s gonna win (Nationals). We were all there. But I think that in that episode Rachel and Sunshine have a really big moment.

Teen: Can we expect another Sunshine/Rachel duet?!
Charice: No! No duet, but the scene is really intense. It’s just really kind of dramatic, but really amazing.

Teen: What about next season? Are we going to see more Sunshine on season 3?!
Charice: Well, by now I think I could say…just watch the episode! You know, I can’t really say. Some great scenes. It’s gonna be really exciting.
Editor’s Note: There ya have it! She didn’t really confirm she’ll be back but she kinda did. Ok. You can keep reading now…

Teen.com: Ugh, fine! What do you want to see Sunshine do in the future? What’s your dream storyline for her?
Charice: I wanna see her dance. She always sings ballads and I really want her to dance to maybe some Chris Brown songs, some hip hop song– something like that cause I really love to dance. And her character is really shy…

Teen.com: OMG, we would love to see a dance off between Sunshine and Mike Chang!
Charice: Oh yeah! I think that would be cute because Sunshine is short and Mike’s tall. That would be cute.

Teen.com: So cute! So did you hear that you’re in the running for an Emmy nomination for your role on the show?
Charice: I think I’ve heard somewhere, but I didn’t really believe it. Really? I mean, me? I don’t think so, but if that really happened…I don’t know what to do. It would be really, really amazing. This whole acting thing is new to me, but I totally love acting. Even if it’s like a nomination or something, it would be such an honor.

Teen.com: Because you’re also filming a movie now! Is acting something you want to get into more?
Charice: Singing is still my number one. This whole acting thing, it’s just for experience and I just want the people to know that I have other stuff that I really love that I really wanna share with them. So, that’s why in a couple of weeks I’m gonna show the video for my new song “Louder” with dance steps and everything, so I’m really excited. I wanna show them the other side of Charice.

Teen.com: And we can’t wait to see it! So we know you’re a huge Beyonce fan. Did you see her crazy performance at the Billboard Music Awards?
Charice: Yes! It was so hot. I read some of Perez Hilton blog and when he said about teaching, you know, teaching the people how it’s done, it’s really true. She’s a real performer and a real person. It was amazing.

Teen: Have you ever met her?
Charice: No, but I actually saw her in person when I was at the Grammy party. She went down the stairs and I was so shocked. I was like, “What do I do?”

Teen: Have you ever gotten star struck around anybody else besides Beyonce?
Charice: Of course! When I met Celine (Dion), when I met Mariah (Carey), Whitney (Houston). When I met them, I was just like, “Damn.” I was just standing and like looking at them like, “I don’t know what to do.”

Teen: What about the cast of Glee? Were you starstruck by them too?
Charice: I was so nervous when I first met them, but they really made me feel comfortable. They’re all nice and when you watch them, they’re really like a family. It makes you feel like you’re part of them. They always make you feel like that.

So, are you excited to see Rachel and Sunshine’s friendship blossom? Excited to hear Charice sing? And are you even more excited that Sunshine will (probably) be back for season 3? Tell us your thoughts — and your dream storyline for Sunshine! — in the comments below, Chasters!

And PS: Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with Charice where she talks all about her new album!