Is It Just Us Or Did Sue Getting Puked On Totally Not Happen Last Night on Glee?

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While doing our usual Glee cyber, uh, browsing, we came across this pic of Sue Sylvester, doused in throw-up, on Fox’s Glee website.

And call us crazy (or maybe we’ll just still a little hungover from the amazingness that was last night’s episode), but we absolutely do NOT remember Sue getting barfed on at any point during “Blame it On the Alcohol.” Do you?

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Rachel got barfed on (thanks, Britt) and then Santana puked on stage, too, but Sue was in the audience when the chain-reaction puking occurred. There’s no possible way she could’ve gotten splattered. So did Sue in fact get slimed with puke, or is the picture just totally, well, wrong?

Tell us what you think in the comments, gleeks! If we missed something in the episode, totally let us know, OK?!