Stuff We <3 To Buy for Gleeks

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We’re so bummed that tonight is the season three finale of Glee and that we’ll have to wait until the fall for season four. The fall is so far away! What are we supposed to do without our weekly fix of Mr. Schue and the New Directions? Maybe some of this stuff we <3 will hold us over until then. Check our our fave gleeky things below!

1. Glee Scuff Slippers – We have a feeling that Rachel Berry would totally approve of these slippers. So cute and comf. BUY HERE

2. Glee Karaoke Revolution: Volume 3 – Think you have what it takes to be in New Directions? This game will tell you if you’ve got the vocal chops to keep up. BUY HERE

3. McKinley High Football shirt – You can def show your WMHS school spirit as you cheer on Puck, Finn, Sam and the rest of the Titans football team in this shirt. BUY HERE

4. Scene It: Glee Edition  – Perfect for when you’re bored all summer and seriously missin’ your Glee fix. Prove your Glee know-how with this super fun DVD game. BUY HERE

5. Glee-tastic Microphone – Don’t pretend that you don’t dance around your room singing “Don’t Stop Believing” at the top of your lungs. This microphone will make you way more legit. BUY HERE

6. Glee Magic 8 Ball – Will Rachel get into NYADA? Will Klaine stay together? Only this magic 8 ball (and, well, the writers too) will tell. BUY HERE

7. Glee coffee mug – OK, the only thing better than starting your day with a nice, hot cup of coffee is a nice, hot cup of coffee in a Glee mug. You know we’re right. BUY HERE!

8. Warblers uniform shirt – Who wouldn’t want to be a Dalton Academy Warbler?! Maybe we could borrow some hair gel from Blaine to better fit the part. BUY HERE

9. Santana cardboard cutout – So this life-size cutout of McKinley High’s fiercest cheerleader is either really awesome or really creepy. We’ll let you decide. BUY HERE

10. Sue Sylvester tracksuit costume  – Who cares if Halloween is still five months away. If Sue can pull off the track-suit-every-day look, so can we! BUY HERE

Which of these gleeky things are you gonna buy to hold you over until next season? How are you gonna get your Glee fix?

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