12 Glee Star Scandals That’ll Make You Wonder How You Were Ever a Gleek

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Glee is one of the few TV comedies that includes a brief recap montage before each episode. Without the quick catch-up session (“and that’s what you missed on Glee!”), it would be impossible to keep track of all the plot lines. Way back in 2009, the series kicked off with Quinn’s pregnancy, and the drama only escalated from there. (Now, series regulars Heather Morris and Naya Rivera are mothers themselves!) We watched our fave pairings, like Brittana and Klaine kiss, cheat, break up, reunite, marry… All the way up until its 2015 finale, this show was definitely a roller coaster.

But, despite all the ridiculousness on screen, the true drama has nothing to do with Rachel or Mr. Schuester. Nope, the real tabloid-worthy stories came from the cast! There were behind-the-scenes cat fights between Naya and Lea Michele, fan favorite Kurt (Chris Colfer) was rumored to be fired and the cast mourned untimely tragic deaths. When the cameras cut, cast members were stuck dealing with all sorts of rocky situations, from the kinda-embarrassing to the totally illegal. Take a look at the most ridiculous scandals members of the Glee cast have faced over the years: