Glee Spoilers! Wemma News, “Thriller” Goss, and A Rachel Berry Bat Mitzvah!

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The Glee episode, “The Substitute,” was the one that had Gwyneth Paltrow and the little baby gleek mini mes that appeared in Mr. Schue’s hallucination sequence, and we fawned over those little toddlers just as much as we did Gwyneth’s version of “Forget You.” We know we haven’t seen the last of Gwyneth on the show, but according to E! Online, we haven’t seen the last of the gleeks as little kiddies, either!

BUZZ: Lea doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight! Really!

Producers are casting for another mini Rachel Berry to appear in a flashback bat mitzvah scene! The requirement for the mini Rachel? Aged 12-14, Jewish looking, and diva tendencies. Ok, we made that last part up. And E! also spilled some good news for Wemma fans…

They said, “Finn and Rachel and Will and Emma are the endgame.” We just might have to wait, like, a really long time for that to happen. Ugh.

And as for the highly-anticipated Superbowl episode? Amber Riley (aka Mercedes) told the E! source that the episode will be “really big. They pulled out all the stops for it. There’s going to be some kind of like maybe some circus acts going on. We’re doing ‘Thriller.’ We’re doing a little bit of an homage to Michael Jackson, so we’re doing a little bit of ‘Thriller,’ and it’s really good. We’ve got some zombie makeup, and it’s gonna be a big one.”

We can’t wait! Which upcoming Glee episode or storyline are you most excited for? Share below!