O-M-Glee! The Gleeks Reveal Tons of Spoilers At Paley Fest

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Almost all the gleeks went out last night to show their support for, um, themselves, at the Paley Festival honoring Glee. And with Amber Riley, Cory Monteith, Heather Morris and tons more of our fave McKinley-ers out on the red carpet with all those reporters, they just had to give away some scoop on what’s to come on the next few eps (and even seasons!). Right? Right?!

WARNING: Major Glee spoilers ahead!

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Thanks to TVline.com, we’ve got lots of spoilers for ya, gleeks! Here’s the rundown:

April Rhodes aka Kristin Chenoweth will be back! And so will Gwyneth. Yes.
–The next tribute episode will be devoted to Fleetwood Mac‘s album, appropriately titled “Rumors.” Think the Britney and Madonna eps but like, more country and stuff.
Mercedes is getting a boyfriend. Finally! That girl could definitely use a little lovin’.
–The “Born This Way” episode is totally happening and will totally center around bullying. Bring back Karofsky!
–Also totally happening? Kurt’s return to New Directions — and Blaine might be joining him, too!
–And lastly, the prom episode is coming up soon, too. But can Blaine and Kurt dethrone Quinn and Finn for prom royalty? And will the school yell at Blaine and Kurt for attending prom together?! We smell some drama…

What are you most excited to see in the next few eps of Glee? Tell us in the comments!