Spoiler Alert! (Kinda): Listen To ALL The Glee V-day Songs!

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Lots and lots of Glee this week, kids. Lots. Two brand new episodes on Fox, and, like a million posts devoted exclusively to Glee on Teen.com, your week is about to get majorly gleekified. And if you can’t wait ’till tomorrow’s all-new ep, the Valentine’s day episode, called “Silly Love Songs,” well, at least we can let you listen to the songs. In full. Like, for instance, Lea Michele‘s rendition of “Firework” and Kevin Mchale‘s amazing version of Michael Jackson (again).

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Without further ado, the Valentine’s day ep songs — all of ’em! — after the jump.






Oh, and don’t forget to check out Teen.com tomorrow for a full preview of tomorrow’s episode! So, which of these songs is your fave? Sound off now!