Unpopular Opinion: Glee Has Passed Its Prime & Should Be Canceled Already

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I have been a Gleek since the very beginning. From the moment the first members of New Directions sang "Don't Stop Believin'" at the end of the pilot episode, I knew I'd be hooked on the gang of misfits for a long time. Which is why it pains me a little to say — please don't hate me — I believe Glee has passed its prime, and should be canceled. ASAP.

In my opinion, the first season was the best, followed closely by Season 2. The song choices, the choreographed performances ("Me Against the Music" and "I'm a Slave 4 U," OMG), the cast… everything was at its peak. Especially after my love, Darren Criss, was introduced. Since then, however, there's been an influx of embarrassments: "Call Me Maybe," no thank you. "Friday," ugh. "Gangnam Style," PLEASE STOP!

Tack on the record-low the series hit this year with "The End of Twerk," plus the most recent disaster, "Puppet Master," and it's just, like… what more can you even say at this point? It seems like Glee has become an inside joke between the creators, like Ryan Murphy, and the cast members that we're not being let in on.

I truly believe that Cory Monteith, may he rest in peace, would've been proud of the tribute to his character, Finn Hudson, "The Quarterback." It was everything I would've expected from the classic Glee that I fell in love with in the first place; I was legit surrounded by tear-infused tissues by the episode's end. With that being said, that was the only show out of the past, like, 50(?) that I actually respected, and will watch again.

Even though the dramedy's planning what sounds like a great 100th episode, the fire is still gone for me. And there's an entire sixth season to go after all of this nonsense! Glee, there will always be a place for you in my heart, but it's time to move on. At least for me. Whether or not you're feeling me in the latest Unpopular Opinion, weigh in via the comments below!

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