Glee Recap: And Everybody’s Got a Random

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Since when did Glee get so serious? After dealing with teenage drinking on the previous episode, this week’s handled the equally as controversial topic — premarital sex. But not without lots of humor and hilarious one-liners (“Sex is like hugging, only wetter.” Ha!) And with Holly Holiday serving as the sex ed teacher and Holly and Will finally kissing (yes!), it’s official that the episode couldn’t have been more “Sexy.”

Click on for our top 5 fave (and sexiest!) moments from last night’s Glee!

1. When Holly Holiday acts as the Health teacher for the day, she suggests that she teach New Directions a thing or two about the birds and the bees, especially since Brittany still thinks babies come from storks and Finn thinks you can get pregnant without having sex. And what better way to do so than through a sexy song by Joan Jett, eh?
2. Meanwhile, in Warbler-ville, Blaine and Kurt try to get sexy, too, to compete with the sexiness of New Directions at Regionals. Enter a foam-filled performance of “Animal” and an awkward sex talk between Kurt, his dad, and tons of pamphlets, and Dalton academy was totally keeping it sexy. But with Darren Criss, how can you not?
3. And on the opposite end of the spectrum is the celibacy club, which includes Emma, Quinn, Rachel, and, uh, that’s it. And to voice their stance on sex, they decide to do a performance of their own — “Afternoon Delight” — along with hotties Carl and Puck. Most awkward. Performance. Ever.
4. And of course, Holly wouldn’t be a sex ed teacher without a little sex counseling, eh? She counsels Emma and Will, who admit they haven’t yet had sex and who admits she still has feelings for Will. At which point Holly magically gets feelings for Will, too. But we’re so not complaining. That kiss! And that “Kiss” performance! We die.
5. But in the biggest shocker of the night, Santana and Brittany also seek Holly’s advice since they’re confused about their relationship. After getting emotional while singing “Landslide,” Santana later comes out to Brittany, tells her she loves her and wants to be with her, but that she’s scared to come out about her feelings to everyone else. Too bad Brittany’s straight and doesn’t want to break up with Artie. Tear.

Which song from last night was your fave? Do you think Brittana will go public? Will Emma get jealous of Will and Holly? Tell us in the comments, gleeks!