11 Times Glee Tried to Take on Serious Issues… and Failed, Miserably

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Glee has been off the air for almost a year, but it’s still on our minds. The Fox series was iconic when it came to musical numbers, unlike all of the TV shows that had totally bizarre musical episodes; it was smart, witty, upbeat, but, at times completely, 100% out. Of. Line. Sure, the characters you came to love were great on most occasions, but if you look back, they actually made a LAWT of mistakes.

In fact, there are a LOT of episodes in which Glee tried to get really deep… and epically failed. The dramedy definitely did its fair share of perfectly executing episodes that addressed social issues — like Kurt’s coming out to his father — but, sadly, not all of them were winners. Take a trip down memory lane and see all of the times that the musical television show failed to get it right and angered many fans in the process: