Glee‘s Sixth Season Getting a Time Jump, Ryan Murphy Talks Rachel’s Love Life

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A few months ago, Ryan Murphy revealed that the sixth and final season of Glee would take place solely in New York City, but now, he's changed his tune. Speaking with a group of reporters, the creator of the FOX show revealed that Glee would feature a time jump (a la Lost and Desperate Housewives), but wouldn't give many details beyond that. Ryan said:

"We are going to do a time jump, and that's really all I'll say. My feeling about the last season of Glee is very clear, and that is that we will be reaching out to all of the regulars on the show, that original group of Glee club members and the teachers, and anybody who wants to come back can come back."

In addition to that little tidbit, Ryan also discussed the show's new ending. As you might recall, Ryan said the show’s original ending was supposed to be Cory Monteith’s character Finn running the McKinley High Glee club, while Lea Michele's Rachel was a big star in NYC. Eventually, she would come back to her Lima, Ohio roots – and Finn, as well.

Don't fret though, Ryan promises the show's updated ending will still be "powerful," saying: "We do have a final idea that we're working on that I think is very powerful, and moving and you know, it's about Rachel and Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) and it sort of returns them to their origins and their roots about how they felt about each other and when they were all much younger and everything was idyllic."

Another subject discussed was Rachel's love life now that Finn has passed away. Ryan said it's a very difficult thing to deal with, but said it still needs to be dealt with. He continued:“We have to sort of pause and think, well, what are we going to do with Rachel? So this year what we decided to do was to remove the equation of anybody coming in and taking Finn's place because I don't really think that's possible. And I think that worked out quite well and I really like dwelling on Rachel the careerist again, who's going to be a star no matter what it takes and with her friendships, but as for the future, there's a lot of discussion.”

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