Glee Sixth and Final Season Not Premiering Until Spring 2015

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There's been a ton of speculation regarding the end of Glee over the past few weeks. Is Naya Rivera returning? What exactly will the time jump do to the show? But now, thanks to FOX, we've got a huge new detail about the sixth and FINAL season, and let us just tell you — Gleeks are not going to be happy about it. The network just debuted its Fall 2014 schedule and noticeably missing from the list is Ryan Murphy's dramedy. Yes, you read that right — Glee will NOT air during the fall.

We know your initial thoughts — WTF?! — but just hold up a sec before you freak out completely. Although Glee won't be airing this fall, all 22 episodes of Season 6 will, in fact, air throughout Spring 2015. On the bright side, the delay in airing the last episodes gives the writers time to really figure out how they want to end the show. This could be a great thing, especially after Ryan revealed that due to Cory Montheith's untimely death, he had to go back to the drawing boards on the series finale episode. On the not-so-bright side, however, this means that Gleeks will have to wait almost a YEAR to reunite with Rachel, Blaine, Kurt and all their other favorite characters. Clearly most fans can't seem to look at the positive side of this news just yet, and they're not hiding their emotions on Twitter:

So, what do you guys think of this Glee news? How do you plan on surviving a year without the show? Tell us your Gleek-y thoughts in the comments!

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