‘Glee’-view: Join the “Thanksgiving” Conversation Tonight!

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The gang’s all here! Well, a decent amount of it anyway… On tonight’s episode of Glee, some of the former members of New Directions celebrate Thanksgiving together (a week after the actual holiday IRL, but whatever) — including the only glee clubber who’s yet to return, Quinn! Find out what you need to know about “Thanksgiving” below, then make sure to join the conversation on our Glee message board before, during and after the show (airing tonight at 9p ET on FOX)!

Glee goes “Gangnam Style.” It’s Sectionals, folks! Though it’d probably be hard to convince judges in real life of your vocal qualities with the viral track, it obviously had to make a play on the series somehow. Apparently, Finn’s the one who suggests that ND sing the PSY song on stage, while Tina acts as lead vocal.

The Warblers take on One Direction. While New Directions croons one current pop track, Sebastian and the Dalton boys rock out to another: 1D’s “Live While We’re Young.” Think they’ll do the British-Irish band justice? Listen below!

It’s not all about the music. You did read the part where we said that Quinn a.k.a. the former Queen Bee is back, right? And, in our exclusive interview with Dianna Agron, she reveals, “There’s some emotional moments [in the Thanksgiving episode]. There’s a slap. There’s a couple of slaps actually.” Oh boy.


Kurt and Rachel have their own Thanksgiving. Even though all their loved ones — current and former — are back in Ohio, the two choose to have a non-traditional dinner in New York City. Seems like they’ll have a good time too, considering there will be a mash-up of “Let’s Have a Kiki” and “Turkey Lurkey Time” between them and Isabelle (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) in their apartment. Yeah, we’d prob ditch Lima too.


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