‘Glee’-view: What to Expect on the “Swan Song” Episode

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No way! Now that Brittany and Santana are dunzo (along with basically every other Glee couple after “The Break-Up”), it seems like Britt’s hitching her Cheerios uniform up onto someone else: Sam! Guess we should’ve seen it coming after this wedding picture, eh? And that’s not even half the drama we’re going to see on tomorrow’s episode, “Swan Song.” We still need to find out what happened at Sectionals, plus how Rachel and Cassie handle their first meeting post-Cassie’s hookup with Brody… Yeah, there’s a lot to cover. Find out what we know so far, then make sure to join the conversation this time tomorrow on our Glee message board!

SPOILER ALERT! New Directions does, in fact, lose at Sectionals. It’s said crystal clear during the fight between Finn and Sue. Watch it below… if you think you can handle it. UGH!

Rachel’s invited to the NYADA Winter Showcase. According to Rachel, only one freshman’s received the prestigious invitation in the last seven years. But, as we see at the end of this clip, she snags an envelope from Carmen Tibideaux (Whoopi Goldberg) herself.

That confrontation between Rachel and Cassie happens. Though we don’t know the words they exchange, the first dance-off footage was released — and it’s to Chicago‘s “All That Jazz!”

Kurt reauditions for NYADA. Oh, and that smooch we showed you above occurs.

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