‘Glee’-view: Join the “Swan Song” Episode Convo!

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We know we already gave you the rundown of what goes down on tonight’s episode of Glee, “Swan Song,” but because it’s coming on in just half an hour (for all of you East Coasters), we’re going to run down the list again at lightning fast speed. You ready?

New Directions loses at Sectionals; Sue attempts to take the New Directions Nationals trophy (though, we’re unsure if she succeeds); Rachel’s invited to the Winter Showcase; she and Cassie have a dance-off to “All That Jazz;” Kurt reauditions for NYADA; Brittany and Sam kiss.

And plenty more, obviously. But now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s the real reason for another Gleeky announcement: Since we’re always giving our opinions on the show (via TV recaps), we want you to tell us your personal perspectives on the show — as it happens. So starting at 9pm ET tonight (or whenever the ep airs in your area), click on the link below and voice your views…

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