‘Glee’-view: Join the Valentine’s Day “I Do” Episode Convo!

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Dun dun dundun, dun dun dundun. (That was to the tune of the Wedding March in case there was any confusion.) Because on tonight’s episode of Glee, entitled “I Do,” Will and Emma are finally tying the knot! Or, at least their wedding is tonight. Who knows if they’ll actually end up getting married.

In case you missed it, Finn kissed Emma last week! So that may or may not come up during the Valentine’s Day-themed show. On the plus side, old and new members of New Directions are reuniting, including former couples, Finchel, Tina and Mike, and Klaine. In what fashion, we’re not so sure yet. Unfortunately, Brittana will not be interacting much tonight; just a simple wave is all we’ll get. Boo! Instead, Santana and — WTF? — Quinn “experiment.”

Catch all the ridiculousness on FOX at 8p ET. Then, make sure to join in the conversation on our Glee message board. We’ll be recapping the night’s biggest moments tomorrow morning!

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