‘Glee’-view: Join the “Glee, Actually” Christmas Episode Convo!

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Another Thursday means another Glee! Well, at least for tonight. (Then the show goes on hiatus for the winter.) And you should be getting pumped because a bunch of the tracks from Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 3 will be featured, like Klaine’s “White Christmas” duet! But will the entire episode — airing at 9pm ET, FYI — be all candy canes and wintry goodness? Let’s delve…

The “Glee, Actually” Christmas ep will be inspired by It’s a Wonderful Life and Love, Actually, so expect to see some black-and-white (like last year’s “Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” which was pretty meh). Along with that, further details on Sam and Brittany’s out-of-the-blue relationship will be revealed. Does anyone think that “wedding” is happening tonight? ’cause we do. And, obviously, something between Kurt and Blaine happens — some hand-holding, maybe? — because they get their own romantic Xmas tune a la their Season 2 “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!”

As always, we’ll be recapping the show tomorrow morning, but we want YOU to tell us your opinions — the good and the bad — about all of it in our Glee message board. To participate, click on the link below!

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