O-M-‘Glee’! Blaine Goes Engagement Ring Shopping for Kurt (PICTURE)

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MORE good news on the Darren Criss front. Not only is he working on his first solo album and heading out on tour this summer — see all the Listen Up dates here — but he’s getting married, too! Or… at least his TV character may be.

As you’ll see in the picture above, Darren’s Glee alter ego, Blaine, goes to the jewelry store in the hopes of finding an engagement ring for Kurt. (So. Many. Klaine. Feels.) The former couple’s not exactly on at the moment, but based on what went down on Valentine’s Day, nothing’s out of the question.

According to Entertainment Weekly, this photo’s from the Season 4 finale episode: “While at the store, Blaine meets an employee, played by guest-star Patty Duke, who’s part of a long-term lesbian couple… The pair befriend Blaine and Kurt and give them some advice on love.” Does this mean Blaine will get down on one knee?? Even if it doesn’t happen come season’s end, there’s still more to look forward to.

Are you all for a Klaine reunion? Do you think Blaine will go through with buying a ring/proposing? Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Glee message board!

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